Take control of your digital universe

Introducing Particle - the ultimate digital content manager inspired by the quantum universe. With Particle, you can easily organize and access all your digital content in one place. Our AI-powered search features allow you to quickly find what you need, while our custom model helps you better manage and categorize your content.

Crafted with   💚   by TechyonX

Spawn new particles with ease

Spawning particles is our way of creating something new. With just a few keystrokes, you can create a link, an image, or a long text that you want to refer back to or keep track of.


  • Spawn new links, images, and text particles.
  • Tag them for easy retrieval later.
  • Need to organize your particles? Use entanglement
  • Make it observable publicly, or keep them private – your choice.
  • Do not need to keep track of certain particles? Archive them.

Bespoke Raycast Extension

Raycast is an excellent productivity tool, so we created a Particle extension specifically for it.


  • Spawn new particles from your selections
  • Observe and manage your particle universe
  • Make them public or archive instantly from the extension

Powered by Supabase

We have relied heavily on Supabase's features as they have powered all of your essential services.


  • Database - One of the most important ways that we have utilized Supabase is by using their platform to create our database schema. This has enabled us to design and implement a database structure that is both robust and scalable, allowing us to store and manage our data more effectively.
  • API - Generating APIs directly from the database schema gave us access to a reliable and highly functional API.
  • Storage - Storage API allows us to store and access media files quickly and securely. This ensures our users have easy access to their saved content without any delays or disruptions.
  • Authentication - One of the hardest thing to implement right is authentication & authorization. Utilizing the authentication features made easy for us to employ various strategies.

AI powered

Particle will act as your memory bank, just like the one Dumbledore had. But do not worry, no witchcraft or wizardry is involved - just the power of advanced AI.

* the prompt for the above image: Generate a landscape wallpaper of a magic wand positioned slightly to the left side of the image. The wand should be the focal point of the image and the colors should match a dark blue color palette. The landscape should complement the enchanted theme and use colors that blend well with the dark blue background.


  • Title, description or any other particle metadata fields are generated with the help of AI
  • Our AI understands the content, making it easier to find when needed.

It is coming...

Particle is the mobile app that will change the way you bookmark and save digital content. With Particle, you can easily save articles, images, videos, and anything else you come across while browsing the web. The app's intuitive interface and powerful search capabilities make it effortless to find what you have saved, eliminating the frustration of digging through cluttered bookmarks and browser history. Whether you're a researcher, a student, or just someone who likes to stay organized and efficient, Particle is the perfect tool for bookmarking and managing your digital universe.

* See, we already written the introduction for our upcoming app. Trust us. It is coming soon!